Friday, April 3, 2009

Where's your HEAD at?

Yoga has been used for thousands of years to solve problems of blood pressure, stress, coordination, flexibility, concentration, sleep and digestion. Going into exams, sleep might not be an option and your blood pressure might be kicking and because we are probably all legally drunk due to zero might ignore this post but I highly suggest to give it a try. I still drink coffee to help with exams but sometimes after after 4 cups of coffee, I have a hard time concentrating. I think it's mainly the stress of studying and remembering EVERYTHING.

I think it's good to be in a place of your own to study. A stress-free environment that you feel comfortable in. This is why I skip out on the Leddy. The Leddy is filled with crazy stress and silence that in my eyes, can seriously drive a person crazy. Also, you can't just get on the dirty ground and de-stress with yoga, or you could turn into the crazy one. If you have a house full of roommates like current classmate Nicole, or live with your parents/siblings that don't know how to be quiet, try improvising.

We all have a bedroom of our own or a room we really enjoy in our, download some nice music, with almost zero lyrics to avoid any more distractions. Put a towel by your door to try your best to allow no noise to come into your room. BLARE that music. Get on the ground(avoid a lot of padding) and follow this amazing video. If you want to go out to buy a book or video, Chapters has a variety of different yoga books and videos. I try to do yoga everyday and I notice the benefits each and every time. If you can really take yourself away from everything for even 10-20 minutes a day you will notice a difference in your stress levels, concentration, blood pressure and sleep during the hard, stressful exam times we're about to take on. We all need that time to ourselves and our bodies...this is why yoga is so wonderful and practiced all over the world!

Avoid Tylenol, 5 hour energy death bottles, speed, energy drinks to save yourself this exam season. Instead, become in tune with your body. I promise satisfaction!

Stay stress-free & goodluck with hell the next few weeks,


  1. Amber, I find your body-attunement method for exam focus very interesting. While I didn't get into the yoga thing, I did switch to a beverage intake of purely water... and it's amazing how much the care of your body can sharpen your focus and make you confident when you're writing an exam. Too many students fall into the trap of Red Bulls and caffeine fixes thinking that they increase awareness, without realizing that the energy is temporary.

  2. It's so true Braydon! Fruit, veggies and water are my favourite studying snacks because they make you so aware of what's going on. The morning of an exam, I avoid the coffee and drink a nice glass of water and some relaxing herbal tea(mint or chamomile) because it allows me to think and be calm compared to shake and freak out ha ha.