Monday, April 6, 2009

Baby Control

What does safe sex really mean? "Engaging in sexual activity using measures such as latex condoms to avoid contracting a sexually transmitted disease such as AIDS." Considering measures mean birth control as well, how do we trust that birth control is really safe for our bodies? Does the definition of safe sex stop at avoiding STD's and pregnancy? What about US? What about OUR bodies?

Recently, I took away the very last part of me that attached myself to Western Medicine. Seeing as this does actually work and the fear that's drilled behind it, I had a hard time stopping. This above all else, would be birth control.

When I typed in, "How to prevent pregnancy, the natural way", I had a bit of a laugh to myself. Unfortunately, the issue of birth isn't something that can be stopped without a patch, shot, pill or ring and by ring I mean the Nuva ring of course. I can't tell you birth control won't help you to be baby-free until your ready but I can tell you the repercussions of taking the birth control pill. Condoms are a good replacement and although they can be annoying, if it means not sacrificing your body and avoiding having hormones released into your system, it remains a good thing.

What I experienced in my first few years of using birth control was minor hormonal changes, weight gain(but only in my breasts), combined with the annoyance of having to take it every day at a certain time and the thought of not being able to have kids in the future. Now, I'm 19 and for most people....knowing whether you want to have a kid might not be clear right now but why cut your ends short? Most people (excluding our parents) tell us this is just a hoax, and how are you supposed to know that these cases of women realistically, could have never been able to get pregnant to begin with. The truth is, there happens to be no evidence proving that birth control will cause infertility...but do we really want to risk it?

I encourage all of you to read carefully through the lovely leaflet that explains your birth control choice. After trying to avoid taking a pill each day I tried the Nuva Ring...after the Nuva Ring decided to suck....I stopped. Below are some of the things we aren't told about birth control...

Did you know that certain drugs may make your birth control become ineffective? This includes antibiotics, St. John's Wort, anti hypertensive drugs, drugs for diabetes, antacids and wait...Vitamin E?! It's funny that you can go to a doctor about these things and they won't tell you ANY of this. I remember going on antibiotics at least 3 times in high school and I've been on the pill since grade ten....not ONE person told me this.

That is why we must READ THE FINE PRINT people, there are things we should be aware of!
BE aware of breast cancer, circulatory disorders, gall bladder disease and liver tumours. Scared yet? Read around, there are stories of people almost loosing their life, stories of women who couldn't become fertile after birth control and this all happens more than we think.

Consider continuing birth control.
Read the side effects.
Consider the facts.

Safe sex,

Friday, April 3, 2009

Where's your HEAD at?

Yoga has been used for thousands of years to solve problems of blood pressure, stress, coordination, flexibility, concentration, sleep and digestion. Going into exams, sleep might not be an option and your blood pressure might be kicking and because we are probably all legally drunk due to zero might ignore this post but I highly suggest to give it a try. I still drink coffee to help with exams but sometimes after after 4 cups of coffee, I have a hard time concentrating. I think it's mainly the stress of studying and remembering EVERYTHING.

I think it's good to be in a place of your own to study. A stress-free environment that you feel comfortable in. This is why I skip out on the Leddy. The Leddy is filled with crazy stress and silence that in my eyes, can seriously drive a person crazy. Also, you can't just get on the dirty ground and de-stress with yoga, or you could turn into the crazy one. If you have a house full of roommates like current classmate Nicole, or live with your parents/siblings that don't know how to be quiet, try improvising.

We all have a bedroom of our own or a room we really enjoy in our, download some nice music, with almost zero lyrics to avoid any more distractions. Put a towel by your door to try your best to allow no noise to come into your room. BLARE that music. Get on the ground(avoid a lot of padding) and follow this amazing video. If you want to go out to buy a book or video, Chapters has a variety of different yoga books and videos. I try to do yoga everyday and I notice the benefits each and every time. If you can really take yourself away from everything for even 10-20 minutes a day you will notice a difference in your stress levels, concentration, blood pressure and sleep during the hard, stressful exam times we're about to take on. We all need that time to ourselves and our bodies...this is why yoga is so wonderful and practiced all over the world!

Avoid Tylenol, 5 hour energy death bottles, speed, energy drinks to save yourself this exam season. Instead, become in tune with your body. I promise satisfaction!

Stay stress-free & goodluck with hell the next few weeks,

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Allergy Craze!

With Spring cheer, comes the unwanted sneezing, itching and runny nose that only pollens, grass and airborne fungi can be responsible for. But because the sun is so wonderful and we all want to enjoy it, before it really hits you and keeps you inside....consider alternative medicine!

Some of the herbs I have talked about before are helpful all year long through colds, the flu AND allergies.

Garlic, garlic, garlic. I just recently found out through research that dried or powdered garlic tablets are actually better for you than just eating raw garlic and including it in your diet. Although this does help and has several health benefits for you, most of the time the enzyme in raw garlic that is necessary to help your immune system is destroyed in the stomach before it can benefit you. So pick up some tablets folks!

Echinacea is a wonderful sidekick to enhance your immune system. I want to avoid ever being sick again so I'm going to begin taking 10 drops of Echinacea before every meal. This as I have read, and as I have experienced with getting over my sickness previously, really helps.

If you keep these two herbs in your diet every day, the chances of your allergies attacking you are slim. ALSO I would highly suggest keeping a natural sea-water decongestant by your side as it clears out everything in your nose without pills and allows you to breathe. I went outside to play with my cats one sunny day and their hair was falling out like crazy. I could barely breathe and my eyes were so itchy. But with the assistance of some water in my eyes and a little hyrdaSense up my nose....things were back to normal. I usually use hydraSense at least once a day.

An interesting note, that you should consider if you have serious allergies is to have a VEGAN DIET. Arachidonic acid is a fatty acid found in animal products. This releases an agent that can restrict bronchial tubes up to 1,000 times! If you suffer from serious allergies and want to get outside this summer, consider this diet. Nicole Markham has a great blog called Ego-Veg Footprint, that will assist you with a vegan-friendly diet and many other links and topics to consider.

Some other herbs that I have read about that will keep you breathing throughout the spring/summer seasons are: stringing nettle, ephedra and butterbur. All of these products work differently to reduce mucus and clear your nasal passages. Check another website for more natural remedies for the allergy season.

Get outside!