Saturday, March 14, 2009

Seesaw of Sickness

Finally, through all the weather changing, sickness changing, head spinning B/S I've beat the stealthy bastard on the other side of the ridiculous seesaw of sickness. I was able to finally give enough umph to send it flying to where it hopefully never screws me over again.
I understand with the stress and everything, that vertigo would come my way. This was easily solved though. The minute I felt dizzy, I'd start drinking up to 2 L of water until I didn't feel dizzy anymore. If it had already got to the point of no return, I'd just lay down for a few hours.
The thing with being sick is you really need to stop doing whatever you are. School, work, life....just STOP. Stay at home in your bed and just make yourself feel better. Your body wants you to slow down and get better or, like I learnt it will only keep you feeling like 500 pounds on the ground, instead of in the air...where everyone evidently wants to be.

Here are some things that helped me in my 1 1/2 days at home, getting better. Aside from tea and are some of the ACTIVE ingredients I used to stop feeling sick.

COUGH DROPS. I love candy, but what I love more are things that resemble candy but have no sugar in them and also have nothing but natural goods packed into it. The natural way to go with cough drops would be something called "HEBRON". They taste great, they are Canadian and come in a few different flavours. I got lemon honey and wild cherry. The wonderful ingredients are as follows for the wild cherry kind: elderberry, wild cherry bark, licorice root, linden flower and the wonderful echinacea root. For the lemon honey kind (that does have sugar in it) : echinacea root, menthol stem and leaf, linden flower, thyme oil, honey and lemon balm. They both work the same for me but it all depends on your tastebuds.

This brings me to my next wonderful ingredient that unfortunately cost me $16 but was totally worth it!!! Echinacea is a wonderful ingredient that comes in vitamins or in an extract. I purchased the extract which is more expensive, but works like a charm. 12 drops on your tongue before every meal will bring you back to being healthy and it will keep you healthy. You can also mix it with a tad bit of water...but I like it straight from the bottle.

hydraSense is an amazing, amazing, amazing nasal spray this is 100% natural sea water that makes you breathe like never before. I always have problems with my breathing and nasal cavities that makes me have to blow my nose a billion times a day especially in the summer. My parents blame it on my nose ring, I blame it on the pollution and allergies. You turn your head to the right, spray stream into the left side and it will clear you out entirely. You then repeat on the other side. I got an 135 mL bottle on sale for $13, which again is so worth it.

Mentholatum's product called natural menthol rub is a great way of opening up any congestion by rubbing the ointment on your chest and neck. I put some underneath of my nose as well which really helps me to breathe right. This was $8 but also on sale. Apparently Shoppers knows when to impress you with sales during season changes. If you don't want to buy the menthol rub, you can make it yourself. The instructions are easy enough and it will probably save you a couple extra dollars.
So, there are my suggestions to getting better if you feel a cold coming along. Remember to use garlic in your all meals if you feel like preventing sickness. Sometimes, the natural way out can be a little more expensive but it's the best way to go in my opinion.
Stay healthy. Now, the only problem I have is 3 papers due next I'll catch you all later friends,



  1. that menthol rub sounds like it would really work and I did not even know they made organic cough drops!