Sunday, March 29, 2009

The answer to your weekend issues...

Got a hangover? Need a cure?

Most of us assume that the only thing our body needs after a long night of drinking is a gallon of water and some serious sleep. Some of my friends drink Gatorade, this works. Some people take Tylenol and I'm sure that works too. But if you really want to feel good, you should know what your body NEEDS after a serious drinking binge. A hangover is caused by more than just dehydration but a lack of Vitamin A, B and C caused by a chemical action from alcohol in your system. Check out the linked website for a deeper look into what types of alcohol affects you more and why. If you wake up having a dry mouth, nausea, fatigue, dizziness and a headache, I've tested the ultimate hangover cure for you :)

Before you start drinking take a B vitamin so that the alcohol in your body is taking from something that IS there. I know most people don't enjoy drinking water while binging, so I would suggest taking away some of the sugar intake during your evening so decrease the headache in the morning. Before you go home make sure you stop somewhere to fill your stomach before you lay your head in a hangover MESS. Something greasy, cheesey, filled with carbs and salt. This might not be the most healthy thing in the world, but it always works. Most of the time, I get a veggie pita with lots of cheese and this fills my stomach every time! Try to drink a bottle of water in substitute for pop before you tap out as well. When you wake up, take another B vitamin right away, drink a bottle of water or some orange juice. I usually follow this routine every time I drink and it works like a charm. If I'm feeling a little more dizzy, I usually have a cup of ginger tea and it eases the nausea. A banana works for this as well.

If my routine doesn't work for you, I've read about a few other things that you could try. Feverfew capsules are apparently good for headaches. Apparently, sauerkraut is a perfect balance of acid/nutrition that some people swear by but I refuse to put that junk in my mouth. But if you are risKAY enough to try it, let me know!

Well... happy hangovers all,


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