Tuesday, March 3, 2009


I've been walking around campus or sitting in class, and all I hear are students and teachers sounding like they're hitting puberty... again. Seeing as this ranks you as practically the class joke, I'm ecstatic about my recent turnover. I think this cold virus or whatever that's going around is a slight combination with my previous weekend. Too many people in one bar can really hurt someones vocal chords. Anyways..

 I woke up this morning feeling like I had two small avocado pits in the back of my throat. I wanted to hop on the bandwagon and hit up Shoppers drug mart for some sore throat medicine or raid my roommates drawers for some Neo-citran but avoided the small print side effects and possible attack of my lovely upstairs buddy. I decided to not be a hypocrite and continue on with my natural path of beating the sickness' (3 months without Tylenol or over the counter drugs and years without antibiotics WOO). Funny that I got sick...but hey, I'm learning too.
So, first things first...I started boiling some water, squeezed an entire lemon into a cup and let the hot water and lemon sit for about 5-10 minutes. I drank this in my morning rush hour and had INSTANT results. My throat felt a lot better, a lot more clear and my taste buds were kicking.  

I then packed three tea bags for school including, ginger, honey-green tea and fennel tea. All teas are great for sore throats (or colds) and will assist you in a clear, mucus free throat passage. These really helped me keep my throat feeling good all day. 

The next thing I did to benefit my throat at all was spice up my dinner with some cayenne! I think this really woke up my senses the most. This will be a great way of helping you have the energy to fight off any viruses as it releases the body's production of natural painkillers called endorphins. 

I remember as a kid always going to my Aunt's house when I was sick. She had an individual sauna that would always make me feel amazing. She would put some flower essence in this vaporizer and I would sit and allow the steam and flower essence cleanse my body and I'd leave feeling like a million bucks! I really wish she wasn't across the world right now. But if you're feeling a little under the weather I'd suggest getting to a sauna nearby, in a steamy yoga class or doing anything that would make you sweat buckets. This really helps to release any toxins you may have in your body.

I'm still in the process of fighting off this sore throat/cold but I think it's getting better...I'll report back in a few days.

Until a mucus free day, with love...



  1. there are so many natural cures! i have this really amazing Native quote about this and I will show you but its in my room and im at cjam right now. I really need to start investing in teas for those benefits like ginger and peppermint tea for stomach upset. Lemon and hot water is also what I use for a sore throat. Have you heart of gargling water-diluted Apple Cider Vinegar? it is supposed to be good for sore throats. Also putting cayenne into a glass of hot water and drinking that is a popular treatment for throats as well and i think is also a weight-loss secret of some kind. however it is not for the shy palette and you have to be careful not to make it too spicy!

  2. haha I can't wait to hear it!
    Herbal teas alone can help so much it's unreal. I've got ginger, fennel, peppermint, lemon, st john's wort....and so much more. I'm going to do a post soon about cramps, and apple cider vinegar happens to be one of the cures(if I'm remembering correct).
    I've read about it lots....just extracts are so bloody expensive that I've never actually bought them but my Aunt suggested lots of things to me and I'm going to risk the bank account drop and go get them for ultimate health and sweet blog posts haha.
    Pine bark extract(which I've seen at shoppers) is also great for colds, it's packed with vitamin C and it also helps so many more things.

    But hey, thanks for reading and commenting Nicole, you always put some great ideas in my head about future posts!