Saturday, January 24, 2009

Faking it

I’m assuming by the Tim Horton’s line up at the U 24’7 that most of the student body and teachers for that matter are addicted to that good old source of caffeine, coffee. Everyone is constantly trying to find ways to stay awake. I’ve read a couple natural ways to solve the possible problem and then I have a tip that will be of some relief to those who didn’t already know.

1. Ginseng tea is one of the best ways to get energy whether it is through a capsule or through an extract. It is important however, not to mix ginseng with any caffeine. Energy drinks might wake you up, but they will throw you on the ground in about 4 hours…hard.

2. The vitamin B12, which I take daily will really help keep your energy high and keep your hormones level as well! If you’re a vegetarian, I’m sure you know about this pill and take it daily as well because B12 is found mainly in meat and dairy products. If your intake of meat and dairy are high throughout a day it is most likely you have a good amount to maintain your energy/hormone levels.

3. Exercising will also increase your energy levels. and I’ve tried the body/mind challenge at the St. Denis centre and it really works to wake up my body and give me a little motivation for the night ahead of reading.

So the curve…I did a little research and was SO happy to find out that coffee is actually great for your body! (minus the sugar, with a little bit of skim milk.) It was under my belief that coffee was my one weakness and that if I was going to fake anything, it might as well be my energy levels. However, coffee (beans) actually has a lot of protein, many oils and organic acids like B vitamins and iron that benefit "detoxifying" your body. It’s best/the most healthy to buy coffee beans fresh, grind them and make your coffee right away. If your interested in different ways of "detoxifying" your body, check out these sites:

DRINK UP friends,

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Pill Poppers

For most of us, our job or education can cause our head to feel as though it is going to explode. That annoying, continuous, pounding pain, that is enough to drive a hole through your head… is commonly known as a headache. If you aren’t a Tylenol junkie and only get headaches every so often, you may you turn to the person next to you in class or to your cubicle buddy and ask, “Do you have any Tylenol?” If you are a junkie, you’ll dig deep into that bottomless pit of a bag you have and pop a few for some sweet relief.

Have you ever asked yourself, if you continue getting headaches and continue taking Tylenol, will it stop working before your head stops hurting? According to my bible, “The World’s Greatest Treasury of Health Secrets”, 70% of people who take over the counter pain killers(such as aspirin and ibuprofen, etc) suffer from “rebound” headaches.
Rebound headaches are caused from taking more than the recommended amount of the medication you are using. After a period of time, your body begins to adapt to the pills and your headache worsens each day. This can also severely damage your liver, especially if you are consuming more than three alcohol beverages a day.

So in light of all this Tylenol bashing, I’ve tried a few natural remedies on myself and a few others and have received nothing but positive feedback! So give your bottle a break and test these out.

I read that one of the most effective ways of reducing or completely curing a headache is by participating in a little creative visualization. Now, I know we all have a little creativity in us, (especially my fellow bloggers) so this shouldn’t be too difficult and works for most people. Close your eyes and relax in a dark room or wherever you can at the time of a headache. Imagine a red light in the middle of where your headache is occurring. Take 5 minutes to slowly dim the light and allow it to disappear. Once it has fully disappeared your headache will too!

If you don’t like the idea of using a little mind power, I have a few more tricks up my sleeve.

1. Take a magnesium oxide supplement of no more than 600 mg per day and/or 80 mg of feverfew extract. Both have zero side effects and work even against migraines
2. Drink two or more cups of apple or apricot juice
3. If you are suffering from some alcohol/sugar withdrawals drink lots of water and eat olives, or anchovies
4. If you find yourself having caffeine withdrawals after midterm time, chew a juicy piece of lemon and drink lots of water
5. If you have a tension headache, you can do some
neck/back exercises and for those to who it applies, practising a little sexual activity relieves a lot of stress and tension headaches

The next time you get a headache or are suffering withdrawals from the two best things on this planet, caffeine and sugar, test these natural ways out and I promise you won’t regret it.


Thursday, January 15, 2009

Medical Morons?

I stopped trusting doctors in my last year of high school. I entered the emerge WAY too early one morning to try to find a solution to the crazy irritations that kept me awake all night. I waited, waited, waited…and finally heard my name called from the most unhappy looking doctor of life. I followed her unwillingly into a room and was told to wait some more. A lot of questions crossed my mind at this time, one of them being why I had even bothered to come. I suppose I could understand why she was so unhappy, it was early and I mean…I certainly didn’t want to be there myself, but at least she was being paid to give me some medical advice. She finally came back, asked me some questions, did some “diagnosing” and sent me on my way, crying, in less than five minutes with a prescription write up.

“You should pick up those pills and start taking them immediately if you want to see any results and oh, have a good night”, she glared at me and turned her back and called out another name.

Still irritated and crying, I decided it would be in my best interest to pick them up. I now anxiously waited for the drugs and then got lectured by the pharmacist about the side-affects. I sat down in my car and noticed how massive and dark these pills were and decided I wasn’t going to take them. I got home, threw them in some cabinet and went back to bed.

I went to my own doctor later that day, sat down, got helped nice and quick and told him about the unpleasant diagnosis I received earlier that morning. I told him I didn’t want to take any pills and I was there for one particular reason, to find out whether it was true so I could receive some sort of peace of mind and maybe a little revenge of the sort. Shocked, he did the same procedure, still shocked…told me it wasn’t true and really hoped I didn’t start taking those prescription drugs or they could have a serious affect on my body. YIKES!

I decided that morning I’d never become a part of the medicalization world, that it is indeed full of “IT”. As I recently learnt in one of my women studies courses, the medical model is the discovery of medicine that in some perspectives, treats the human body as a machine. Due to the fact that most prescription drugs get rid of your symptoms and quite fast, people have began to depend on this model.

I realize that there are some things that doctors need to be there for and that most doctors know what they are talking about. For most of our issues, doctors can be trusted because they probably spent long enough educating themselves with medicine and diseases, etc. However, what I truly believe is that people are forgetting to help themselves. Some of these prescription drugs or even over the counter drugs can have serious affects on our bodies in the long run. You try to heal one thing and put yourself at risk of something else. Doctors don’t have to answer everything for us. If we practised a more healthy lifestyle then perhaps we wouldn’t find ourselves in the emerge at such ridiculous hours and being falsely diagnosed by an overly stressed doctor.

Soooo basically, with this experience and a few more unpleasant ones, I’ve decided I want to discover natural ways of boosting my health in a preferably cheap manner. It's important to realize that sometimes the fast and easy ways of helping ourselves can not be the best way out. Trust what your mind and natural products can do. Save the doctors for the most dire needs, the illnesses or injuries we are not physically able or educated to heal ourselves.

In the mean time, I’ll dig deep but stay tuned, stay healthy and trust yourself.

Do not feed your head with non-sense. :)